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This site is being developed thought a partnership between the Residents of Old Town Akim Oda, Ghana, the Birim South District Assembly and the Redevelopment Sub-committee, along with the Office of the Minister of Finance, the Honorable Osafo Maafo and the College of Environment and Design at the University of Georgia.

We are proud to be the alliance that will help move projects associated with Oda's economic development programs through conceptual level planning to implementation. This site descries many of the exciting activities that are happening in Old Town. It also contains tourist information, most importantly it is a place to begin to make a personal contribution to the returning a diamond like sparkle to this important city along the historic Birim River in Ghana.

Immediately your support is paramount to the success of this program. Please consider making a contribution to it through a special account established at the University of Georgia's College of Environment and Design. These restricted funds are earmarked for strengthening and deepening the partnership and to help move the proposed concepts forward toward reality.

We appreciate your comments and donations.